Patio Design Plans That May Inspire You


The use of handmade furniture supports self-expression and may equip you with some functional features that you may not be supplied with if you purchased basic furniture pieces through a retailer. The following design plans may inspire you to set up one or more furniture layouts that are similar.

Rustic Relics

Reclaimed lumber is upcycled wood. During the demolition of an outdoor structure, wooden pieces that are salvageable are collected. Drying and milling processes are used to stabilize and resurface wood. Purchase reclaimed wood products from a lumber shop. Use beams, boards, and custom cutouts to create a rustic-themed table and straight back chairs.

Some retailers purchase pre-used barrels from distilleries and sell them for profit. Shop for wooden barrels that have originally been used to store wine or liquor. Use a barrel to create a side table, a beverage serving station, or a planter. If your patio is uncovered, use stain and sealer to enrich the color of each wooden barrel and provide the handmade furnishings with adequate protection.

Bursts Of Color

If you own a sewing machine and enjoy homemade projects, purchase some vinyl fabric and use it to make slipcovers and tablecloths. The fabric creations can be used to add bold colors to a plain set of patio furnishings. Festive or seasonal prints can help you set the tone for a specific occasion. For instance, if you will be hosting a holiday dinner that will be served tableside, purchase printed fabric that contains holiday symbols and colors.

An old dresser or a utility cart can be repurposed and used as a potting bench. If you tend to coincide some of your gardening activities with the time you spend on your patio, having access to a surface that can be used to prepare fresh seedlings or arrange flowers can be beneficial. You will have the option of pulling up a chair to the repurposed dresser or cart and remaining seated while performing gardening duties.

Add fresh paint to an old dresser and remove any drawers that will be used as cubby spaces or display areas. Add a ruffled fabric panel around an old cart. The fabric can be used to conceal the cart frame.

After making a handmade potting bench, place all of your hand tools and gardening materials within reach. Use the bench for gardening duties during daylight hours and as a display area during nighttime hours. A beautiful vaseful of flowers or a series of candles can be used to adorn the surface of the bench.

To get more tips for making handmade patio furniture, contact a local outdoor furniture store.


2 September 2021

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