6 Sensible Suggestions for Your Kitchen Remodel That Improve Daily Living


Thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Smart move—it is estimated that kitchen upgrades offer the best return on investment for home improvement projects, and typically enhance the overall value and appeal of your home if you ever decide to sell. So, which areas and elements should you update?

Here are six suggestions for practical kitchen upgrades that will also improve everyday living:

1. Appliances

Probably the first thing that home buyers notice in a showing is the kitchen, more specifically, the appliances. If your kitchen appliances are more than five years old, it is time to update the appliances; consider new or refurbished replacements that are high-end and brand-name. Homeowners and buyers continue to prefer stainless steel over other types of fixtures.

2. Flooring

New flooring makes the entire kitchen, even the home, look better. Depending on your budget, vinyl flooring is easy to care for and inexpensive, offering great bang for your buck, but wood flooring remains the popular choice in kitchens among homeowners and buyers widely. Talk to flooring contractors about affordable alternatives to wood flooring, like laminate that looks like wood planks.

3. Lighting

Improving the lighting in your kitchen is an excellent remodeling idea, particularly if you have not yet upgraded to LED. LED is energy-efficient, cool to the touch, and lasts far longer than other types of bulbs and fixtures. Plus, better illumination in the kitchen can help to reduce or prevent accidents including falls.

4. Countertops

Once you enhance the lighting in your kitchen, you may realize just how shoddy your counters and backsplashes are! Invest in granite or stone tile, instead of slab, for quality counters that cost less and that are much easier and lighter to install.

5. Window Treatments

Window treatments in your remodel refer to installing California shutters or another type of blind that will provide privacy while adding to the home's overall curb appeal. These fixtures help conserve energy by keeping the sun out on hot days, maintaining a cooler temperature inside the home. California shutters offer a quaint, rustic look that many homeowners appreciate.

6. Cabinets

Custom cabinetry is not cheap, but home improvement professionals suggest that you consider replacing your kitchen cabinets at least every ten years. When updating, restoring, or replacing your cabinets, consider adding an organizational system to the drawers and cubbies, including lazy Susans and compartmentalized storage. This ensures that your kitchen tools all have a dedicated space for easy access as needed.

Consider these tips and suggestions when remodeling your kitchen. Aim for quality improvements over getting everything on your to-do list done at once. Focus your budget on the areas that need help most, and then work on less urgent updates later for best results. Contact kitchen remodeling services to learn more. 


2 October 2020

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