The Perfect Frame: Finding It For Your Art


As you collect art pieces and special photographs that you'd like to hang on your walls, you might need frames. Frames protect your art while allowing you to mount them on the wall without having to stick thumbtacks through them. However, it's not immediately clear which frames are best for the photos and art you have. To help your art stand out you'll need to consider frame issues like these.

Think Beyond Black

Many people initially want to stick their art pieces into a black frame. Black is seen as matching everything, and it is often seen as classy or elegant. If you can't think of another color right away, you're likely to pick up black frames too.

However, black isn't always the best frame choice. For casual prints, black can seem severe. Black can draw the eye away from the art and onto the black frame around it. Consider frames of different colors; even serious prints could benefit from gray or navy blue frames instead of basic black. For casual shots of family or light-hearted pictures, you might even think about white frames or light-colored ones. Of course, if you've got white walls, you may want to select a frame that's something other than white.

Match the Room 

When attempting to match a frame to a print, consider that the frame must be harmonious with the decor of the walls and the room. For example, if the decor in your living room is modern, crisp and sleek, a metal frame seems more natural than a thick wood frame. 

Remember the Purpose

After so much thinking about the frame, remember that the picture should be the visual focus. The frame will surround the picture, but it shouldn't distract from it. It should complement the photo or piece of art instead of compete with it.

Consider Custom Frames

When nothing seems right custom frames could be the best decision. It's not always easy to find exactly the color you want, nor is it always easy to ensure that a frame will fit perfectly. That's why custom framing is often wise. When using custom frames you'll be working with a professional who can recommend various frame elements after asking about your art. You'll end up with something that's unique and works well in your space.

Experiment with multiple types of picture framing before making a decision. Work with professional framers to ensure that the perfect frame is used for your art.


20 May 2019

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