3 Tips For Turning A Boring Blank Wall Into Something Awesome


Are the walls of your home looking bare and empty? Do you want to make your home look more interesting, exciting, or simply inviting but you're not sure how to get started? A blank wall can be intimidating to even the most experienced designer. If you've never done any interior decorating before, having an empty wall can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way. There are many things you can do to get that spot looking great in practically no time at all. Some interior design ideas that you may want to consider doing include:

Start small: Although you might be tempted to fill the empty space with a large poster or two, this can make the wall look even more barren due to the contrast between the poster or two and the surrounding wall. Instead of getting one or two large posters, get several smaller pictures and frame them. You can find many different types of picture frames for sale to either match or contrast with the pictures, depending on your tastes. Arrange these now-framed pictures into a collage of sorts. For more visual appeal, consider purchasing two or three different types of the picture frames for sale and using them together.

Framed mural: Instead of using many smaller pictures, consider purchasing a vinyl mural or other wall art, but instead of applying it directly to the wall, carefully cut it into pieces and frame these pieces. If done carefully, using several different sizes of frames, the effect can be both unique and striking. Depending on the size of the wall art, consider purchasing one of the largest picture frames for sale and using that for the main section of the art then surround it with smaller framed segments of that same art. 

Test runs: Before you start simply hanging up so many pieces of art on your wall, it's important to do a test run first. You might think that you want to buy the 8x10 picture frames for sale but perhaps it turns out that you actually wanted a few 4x6 frames as well. In order to help you decide, print out copies of this art on your printer and tape these papers to the wall. While color pictures might help, using a black and white laser printer will be fine as well. This is mainly to help you to decide if the size and placement of the different elements are to your liking or if you need to experiment further. If it turns out that you actually wanted a different arrangement, it'll be a lot easier to move the taped sheets around than it would be to fill in the screw or nail holes and re-hang the frames in new places.


10 May 2018

Understanding Interior Design Techniques

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