Creating A Chic Black, White, And Gray Color Scheme In Your Kitchen


When you are ready to remodel your kitchen, you may want to think about the different color schemes you like. If you want to create a chic, modern space, a black, white, and gray color scheme may be the perfect option for you. Here are just some of the different ways you can create a color palette and design theme with these hues.

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops from a company like Plastic Line Mfg Inc offer beauty and durability in your kitchen, and they are available in a variety of gray hues to fit your color palette. A glossy marble design can bring a high-end look to your space, while a stone-inspired design with slight variations of gray offers a more casual look. Use the shades of gray, white, and black found in the counters to complete the color palette for the rest of the room.

White Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets offer a crisp, fresh look for your kitchen. Choose simple designs with silver-tone handles and drawer pulls to fit with your design theme, and work with your contractor to create a few cabinets with glass windowpanes so you can show off your fine china or dinnerware. For a bold touch, consider adding gray or black borders to each cabinet door. You can also add crown molding above the cabinets for a finished look, and the molding can be painted in a soft shade of gray to add depth and dimension to the room.

Subway Tile

Subway tile offers a great way to get all three of the colors in your design theme into the kitchen. Choose glass subway tiles to create a backsplash, or use this type of tile to adorn all of the wall space in your kitchen. You can purchase tile sheets, which make installation quick and easy, or you may want to have your contractor install each piece by hand. Applying the small pieces of glass individually can take some time, but it does give you a way to create a custom design on your kitchen walls.

Silver-Tone Lighting

Whether you want to install puck lighting or pendant lights, look for designs featuring a silver-tone finish to complete your kitchen theme. You can find lights in sleek polished chrome or muted matte silver, or you can opt for a design that combines these two finishes. Look for a large, modern chandelier to hang in the center of the kitchen, and choose matching pendant lights to make a design statement above your breakfast bar.

Work with your interior designer to select the perfect materials, colors, and designs to pull off this look, and get ready to enjoy your new modern kitchen.


10 January 2018

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