4 Ways To Upgrade The Interior Design Of Your Bathroom On A Budget


Are you ready to upgrade the interior design of your bathroom? Even if you have a set budget to work with, there are some fun and affordable ways to completely alter the appearance of the room and make it more comfortable than it ever was before. As soon as you finish up with these changes, you quickly start to fall in love with the way your bathroom looks.

1. Start With a Fresh Coating of Paint

Get a fresh start by taking everything out of the bathroom and painting the walls. A new coating of paint is an easy and effective way to quickly alter the look and feel of the bathroom. Not sure which color to use? Although you can select any color you prefer, neutral shades tend to work best for bathrooms because you would be able to match different types of wall art and accessories with those neutral colors.

Apply a primer before painting the walls of the bathroom with the shade you have selected. You may need to apply more than one coat of paint to achieve the desired color. Give the paint a full day to dry before you start decorating.

2. Decorate With Your Bath Towels

You need to have bath towels in the bathroom, but you might not like having them hanging around on the walls and taking up a bunch of space in the room. Rather than hanging them from towel holders, consider decorating with them. Simply purchase a standing wine rack. You can find standing wine racks online and in some home goods stores.

Instead of placing wine bottles on the rack you have purchased, roll each of your bath towels up individually and then set those towels down in the spots where you would normally put the wine bottles. If you are concerned about having more floor space, you could purchase a hanging magazine rack for the wall. You could roll the towels up and set them inside of the magazine rack so that they still look decorative without taking up too much space in your bathroom.

3. Enhance the Toilet Area

The spot in your bathroom where the toilet is located might look a bit too plain, but there are simple ways to make that section of the room look a lot better. Consider hanging a floating shelf directly above the toilet. You could place a few different things on top of the floating shelf, such as a glass candle, a miniature vase with artificial flowers and even a potpourri bottle. The potpourri bottle could make the whole bathroom smell delightful while adding a bit more decoration to the room.

4. Add Decor to the Walls

Plain walls inside of a bathroom are boring. Whether you spend a lot of time in this room or not, you should definitely add some decor to the walls to give the room an inviting and decorative look and feel. You could choose from a number of different items that often look good when placed in the bathroom, including paintings, wall mirrors and even some vinyl stickers.

If you decide to use vinyl stickers, you can always remove them and change them whenever you want to. There are hundreds of beautiful vinyl sticker designs to choose from, too.

Upgrade your bathroom while sticking to your budget. Why spend more than you can afford to renovate the bathroom when there are easy ways to completely change the look of the room for the better? Start with a change of color for the room and then focus on decorating with your towels, enhancing the toilet area and even putting up different types of decorations all over the walls. Once you have time to make these simple changes, your bathroom should look a lot better than it did beforehand. For more information, visit websites like https://classicturkishtowels.com/.


5 September 2017

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