4 Creative Tips For Picking Paint Colors


Paint is the foundation of your decorating. The right paint can accent your décor. What's more, your choice in paint colors can have a strong effect on your room's ambience. Now, there's nothing wrong with playing it safe with a neutral paint, such as beige or white. If, however, you want to add a splash of the artistic, get creative in how you choose your paint.

Utilize the Color Wheel

A color wheel is a basic tool for creating a color scheme. A color wheel features all of the basic colors and arranges them according to how cool or warm they are. Utilizing such a tool allows you to adhere to color harmonies in your paint selection. A complementary palette, meaning the colors are directly opposite on the wheel, offers a vibrant effect. Analogous colors are right next to each other on the wheel and offer a harmonious effect. Perhaps the most creative palette is the triadic scheme, which features three colors evenly spaced on the wheel. Think purple, yellow-orange and green. For any color scheme, you should choose a dominant color and let the others be for accenting.

Use a Patterned Inspiration

Another option for choosing more than one color is by using a pattern as your inspiration. This can be a pattern in wallpaper, curtains, rugs or other textiles. However, Home and Garden TV suggests thinking outside the box. The site recommends using gift bags as an inspiration for your paint palette. As with the color wheel scheme, you still want to choose dominant and accent colors. So, let's say you're using a pink, gray and white palette. A feminine effect is to choose pink for the main walls, white for the trim and gray for a single accent wall.

Paint for Mood

A good rule of thumb for any paint choice is ensuring it will convey your desired mood. For example, red is a vibrant color that stimulates the senses. This would make it an unwise choice in the bedroom, even for a single accent wall. However, you can still create a dramatic effect with complementary colors or an intimate ambience with darker hues.

Consider Decorative Finishes

Your choice in wall paint doesn't end with color. You can also have an interior design service apply decorative finishes. For example, you could have an accent wall painted with a metal finish. The softly reflective materials add depth to the base color. Another option is having distressed finishes applied. This makes the paint look time-worn, which can be charming with rustic décor.

Create artistic beauty in your rooms with your choice in paint colors.


14 June 2017

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