Ready To Sell Your Home? 4 Steps To Set The Perfect Stage


If you're going to be selling your home, staging is everything, especially in a buyer's market. When buyers have plenty of options, they pay more attention to those small details – such as how your home is presented. That's where staging comes in. When you're selling your home, you want to do everything in your power to ensure a quick sell – for the most money. With the proper staging, you'll improve the appearance of your home, and increase your chances of enjoying a speedy sell. Here are four steps you should take to set the perfect stage for your home.

Clear Away the Clutter

If your home looks cluttered, you just might lose your opportunity to sell your home. Perspective buyers want to envision your home with their personal touches. They can't do that if your home is filled with your clutter. Before you put your home on the market, rent a storage unit and clear away all the clutter that will interfere with the selling process. Don't cut corners by hiding things in your closets or cabinets. Perspective buyers are going to open all the doors. If you've got dirty laundry and boxes of clutter hiding in your closets, you just might jeopardize the sell.

Keep It Personal

You want to remove all the clutter. However, you don't want your home to end up looking sterile and unlived in. While you're clearing away the clutter, and getting your home ready for sell, make sure you keep a few personal touches around. Family pictures carefully displayed will give your home that lived-in feeling.

Pay Attention to the Odor

If you haven't smelled your home in a while, now's the time to take a deep breath. Leave the house for a few minutes and then come back inside. Take a deep breath as you enter. If your home doesn't smell fresh, clean and inviting, it's time to add some new scents. Open up the windows and airing out the house. Bake a batch of cookies before your agent brings perspective buyers through. If you have pets, it's a good idea to clear them out whenever you have an open house. The last thing you want is to have the air in your home filled with foul pet odors.

Hire a Professional

If you've done everything you can, and your home still doesn't look properly staged, it's time to hire a professional staging service. They'll come in and take care of all the details that will make your home more marketable. For specific questions or concerns, be sure to talk to an interior designer near you.

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13 March 2017

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